Train your ear with Spanish-language videos:


As I noted on the Student Resources page, streaming Spanish-language video is an effective means of training your ear. Documentaries are especially useful for beginning and intermediate students, as they tend to feature slow, relatively-simple, grammatically-correct dialogue. The following are some of my favorite documentaries en español.


This is a documentary about my favorite type of environment: the sea coast. Good use of vocabulary in this video, particularly regarding the marine environment.



Montezuma’s gold has been a highly-sought treasure throughout the centuries, from Spanish conquistadores to collectors. But is it cursed? Interesting premise. Lots of vocabulary relating to history, conquest, and the supernatural in this video.



This is one of my favorite episodes of Locked Up Abroad. I love LUA because it shows how the powerful seduction of quick cash can beget tragedy. This episode is especially heart-wrenching. Frequent use of common Spanish phrases in this video.



This is a good documentary about the origins of the universe. Lots of opportunities to hear vocabulary associated with science and nature in this video.



This is an interesting documentary about Madrid, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Lots of phrases relating to history, architecture, and art in this video.